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What does LogonTutor do for safety?

Building trust between the parent, student and the tutor is important us at LogonTutor. In order to do this, background checks become a necessity. At LogonTutor as of December 1, 2020 we require each tutor to have a basic (or enhanced) background check conducted by First Advantage, our third-party background check provider.

Background Checks by First Advantage

Basic background check entails SSN Verification, National Sex Offender, and National Criminal PLUS by First Advantage. Enhanced background check entails SSN Verification, National Sex Offender, National Criminal PLUS, and County Criminal / Felony and Misdemeanor by First Advantage.

Basic Background Check (level 1)
  • SSN Verification
  • National Sex Offender
  • National Criminal PLUS
Enhanced Background Check (level 2)
  • SSN Verification
  • National Sex Offender
  • National Criminal PLUS
  • County Criminal / Felony and Misdemeanor

SSN Verification - This search is very successful in determining possible fraudulent use of a Social Security number and to find locations an applicant has resided that were not reported on an application. This search returns information reported to a major credit bureau. Information returned may include name and address of individuals who have used the Social Security number to apply for credit. Name variations are usually due to one of three situations: the Social Security number may have been used by a spouse or other family member; it may have been used fraudulently by one or more of the individuals named in the report; or name variations may be the result of a data entry error by the credit bureau or the credit grantor.

National Sex Offender - The National Sex Offender Registry Search contains information from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each individual state's statutes drive what level of sex offender registry information is made available to the public. There are restrictions of use of sex offender registration information for employment purposes in California & Massachusetts, and legal approval is required.

National Criminal PLUS - The NCRF Plus searches multiple names against the database and uses data from our InstantID product (LN proprietary database that includes credit header information and other public record sources) to develop the additional names to be searched. The given name and the developed names will be searched against the database. Additional search is performed using the subject’s provided DOB and developed names associated with the subject’s SSN such as maiden names, nicknames or misspelled names.

County Criminal / Felony and Misdemeanor - This search checks for all felonies filed at the main courthouse (county seat) and for misdemeanor information available at the lower-level court filed at city location provided. Infractions and traffic violations are not included. The seriousness of the charge determines in which court a criminal action is filed. Examples of felony cases include grand theft, rape and murder. Examples of misdemeanor cases include trespassing, driving under the influence (DUI), possession of a controlled substance and petty theft. Response may include defendant, case number, file date, charges and disposition or current status.

First Advantage's Background Check (more info)

State/ FBI Background Checks

Tutors with a recent FBI and State background checks are welcome to scan and submit it to us for an approval. We will then look over the documentation and verify the authenticity of the report with the vender. If we can not prove the accuracy we will ask for you to preform a background check by First Advantage.

Background Checks by HireRight

LogonTutor no longer offers background check by HireRight. This information is being kept regarding tutors that had been background check before since January 21, 2014.

Background Check (level 1.5)

Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor (Covers 7 Years) - Perform fundamental criminal searches that reveal felonies and misdemeanors. This is done by searching county courthouse records corresponding to an applicant's address history. The HireRight Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor Search finds, confirms, and reports a candidate's felony and misdemeanor records history.

National Criminal Search (No Less Than 7 Years) - The National Criminal Search includes state and county criminal records, parole records, sex offender registry checks, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), and HireRight's unique records containing a compilation of more than 25 years of background checks. This is done by utilizing a candidate's name, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN).

HireRight's Background Check (more info)