The Reality of Online Tutoring

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When parents first hear about online tutoring, they are generally curious about how exactly it works. They generally believe that receiving lessons online is not as effective as receiving them in person. However, the reality is that online tutoring has not only caught up with in person tutoring, but has already surpassed it in many important areas that are beneficial to both the student and the parent.

Online Tutoring is More Convenient

One of the biggest advantages that online tutoring has over in person tutoring is that it offers overall convenience. Online tutoring avoids many of the hassles that are typically associated with in person tutoring.

For in person tutoring, a 60 minute lesson can easily cost the parent 90 minutes. For example, the time it takes the tutor to travel to and from a destination such as a tutoring center, a library or a coffee shop is not only time consuming but is often factored into the overall price of the tutoring session. With online tutoring, a 60 minute lesson would cost maybe an additional 5 minutes for a total of 65 minutes. The only thing needed is for the student and tutor to do is to log into their respective computers. Also there are no additional travel expenses such as gas or transportation for either party which are cost factors as well.

Online tutoring is also convenient in the sense that parents get to choose how involved they wish to be with their child and the tutor or in the lesson(s). Parents can perform other tasks while monitoring the tutoring sessions or if they choose to, they can become a part of the sessions by actively participating. With using in person tutoring, that is usually not an option. The parent usually drops of their child and leaves them. Or many times the child after school has the responsibility of meeting the tutor in a designated spot alone. With online tutoring, the parent no longer has to worry about their child meeting with a stranger face to face. Safety becomes less of an issue because the tutoring session can often occur in the student’s home with the parent or an adult present.

Also online tutoring serves as a great option if not only the parent but the child has a busy schedule. It is one less stop that the parent has to make or one less place that the child has to be at. This minimizes disruption and allows the student to focus on being tutored.

Online tutoring can utilize your child’s strength

One of the easiest ways to improve your child’s performance in school is to find out what type of learner they are and maximize it. There are three types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. With online tutoring, it is very easy to appeal to all three types of learners. As an example, an online tutor might show a visual learner a website containing an animation of photosynthesis. It is very possible for such student to learn more in 5 minutes from the animation than the 120 minutes spent on rereading the chapter covering that topic. Or the tutor may require the student to listen to information about photosynthesis that is in a digital format. This can easily be done with the use of the computer to retrieve the appropriate files.

Whichever way the student learns, the tutor is able to tailor the information that the student needs to grasp and online tutoring can facilitate in that learning.

Online Tutoring is typically more enjoyable for students

In today world, utilization of the computer has become a way of life for everyone. Children as well as adults spend a great deal of time on many types of computers from handheld to laptop to desktop whether at home, work or school. The computer has become a favorite resource and oftentimes the first resource for information, research and just socialization with friends. Students enjoy utilizing their computers in all aspects of their lives. So why not use this as an advantage for tutoring? This is part of the reason why students are typically much more excited about this possibility of online tutoring, as it can be done in a way and approach that they enjoy and are used to. Many even consider it to be their favorite method of tutoring.

Online tutoring is here to stay. It is effective and works in the lives of the student and parent. It has just as many advantages as in person tutoring, if not more. Utilization of online tutoring is becoming the choice of not only students who are familiar with (and prefer) to do their work and studying on line, but parents as well.

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