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How to Improve Your Student’s Confidence

As a tutor, it is very important to understand that your job is just not about helping a student get higher academic grades. It’s also about increasing their confidence. There are studies that show a change of confidence often shows […]

Mixing It up A Little: What Good Tutors Do

As tutors we always wonder if there are things that we can do more effectively or different. And the answer is, “Absolutely!” There are many good practices that you can implement into your lessons as a tutor to make it […]

Parents: Getting the Most of the Tutoring Experience

Your child’s tutoring experience and ultimately their academic success is dependent on them, their tutor and you as the parent. It is a partnership between all three of you. You as the parent know that you play an important role […]

Which Is Better for Your Child…The ACT or SAT?

Before deciding on the test your child is going to take, you both need to first discuss the college(s) that your child wants to attend. If your child is only applying to colleges that accept SAT scores, then obviously studying […]

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