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Richard's Bio & Tutoring Experience

I currently tutor my younger brother (senior in high school) pre-calculus , physics, chemistry, English . I've found the most important aspect of homework and studying is to turn turn the TV off! Silence is golden, and a nice instrumental is nice too.

Richard's Expertise

Art: Graphics Design, Drawing, Photography
Business: Advance Finance, Sales, Real Estate, Quantitative Analysis, Public Speaking, Operations Management, Microeconomics, Marketing, Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Intermediate Accounting, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Finance, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Cost Accounting, Communications, Business Strategy, Business Plans, Information Systems
Computers: iWorks (Pages,Keynote,Numbers), Mac, MATLAB, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft XNA, Adobe Dreamweaver, iLife (iPhoto,iMovie,Garageband), Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Animation/3D, AutoCAD, Final Cut Pro
Engineering: Aerospace, Computer, Environmental
English: MLA Format, Writing/Essay, Technical Writing , Reading, Grammar, Creative Writing, APA Format, Literature
History: World History
Languages: Greek (Koine), Hebrew (Classical), Latin
Math: Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, Logic, Math Word Problems, Matrix Methods, PreAlgebra, PreCalculus, Probability, Statistics, Topics, Trigonometry, Finite, Econometrics, Dynamics Systems, Computational, Calculus 2 (Integral), Calculus 1 (Differential), Arithmetic, AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, Algebra, Advance Calculator, Geometry
Music: Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Drums, Bass Guitar
Programming: Objective C/ Cocoa
Science: Meteorology, Geology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Neurobiology, Organic Chemistry, Pathology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physical Science, Physics 1 (Newtonian Mechanics), Physics 2 (Electricity/Magnetism), Physics 3 (Gas Law), Physiology, Psychology, Psychosocial, Quantum Mechanics, Sociology, Therapeutics, Zoology, Geography, Analytical Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy, Audiology, Biochemistry 1, Biochemistry 2, Bioinformatics, Biology, Botany, Cellular Biology, Dietetics, Earth and Life Science, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Epidemiology, Food/Nutrition, General Science, Genetics, Health Sciences, Cosmology
Special Needs: ADHD, Student Helper, Reader, Homebound/Hospital Tutoring, Home School Tutoring, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Accommodations
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Project Management, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Test Taking, Time Management

Richard's Education & Certifications

Some college, continuing student at Manchester Community college, studying mathematics and computers.

Richard's References

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Richard's Availability

Day Date Time
Sunday 05/26/2024 12:00AM - 11:45AM 
Monday 05/27/2024 12:00AM - 11:45AM 
Tuesday 05/28/2024  
Wednesday 05/29/2024 12:00AM - 11:45AM 
Thursday 05/30/2024  
Friday 05/31/2024 12:00AM - 11:45AM 
Saturday 06/01/2024 12:00AM - 11:45AM