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Mark's Bio & Tutoring Experience

I am a talented writer that has spent nearly ten years working in the writing and English field. I have written for publications around the country, and even attended a New York Times College Editors Workshop as an undergrad. My creative writing has been featured around the country and in England, in addition to an International Poetry Festival Anthology. I have worked for newspapers and ad agencies as a writer.

My undergrad background is in journalism, while my graduate degree (finish in spring 2015) is in English, where part of my focus is pedagogy. I have run undergrad creative writing workshops and have written academic papers about teaching and pedagogy. I have extensive experience working with young writers and English students, including foreign speaking students. I have also tutored elementary students and middle school students in English.

Why do I mention this? I mention it because I am a writer first, which qualifies me to teach your son or daughter. It's important for teachers to be qualified in the field they're teaching. As an undergrad I worked with around 30 foreign speaking students in designing and putting out a special addition newspaper for my college campus.

My method is to first see where the student is at and then start to develop a plan to help them. I think the best method is to get the student to somehow connect to the work, so they not only get their current work completed, but set them up for their future education. It's important to teach and learn, but I think the true trick is to get the student to enjoy what they're doing.

I have a background check completed and would be happy to send proof of my work history via LinkedIn. Prices are negotiable.

Mark's Expertise

Computers: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
English: APA Format, Creative Writing, Grammar, Literature, MLA Format, Reading, Technical Writing , Writing/Essay
Languages: English (US)
Music: Guitar
Standardized Tests: ACT English, TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language), SAT Writing, GED Writing, ACT Writing
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Project Management, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Time Management

Mark's Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Master of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing

Mark's References

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Mark's Availability

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