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Jennifer's Bio & Tutoring Experience

Knowledge is power. Knowledge enhances our freedom to choose- what kind of person do I want to be? what type of career do I want to pursue? do I want to go to college? what am I good at? what do I believe in?

The pursuit of knowledge begins with having access to information, and then understanding and applying that information. This is where the tutoring services that I offer becomes valuable. I will not only assist your child or student in completing an assignment or passing a class; I will help him/her develop critical thinking skills, explore the subject matter further, unlock educational interests, and discover his/her potential.

With a strong background in writing, research, and literature, I will help your student tackle that tough essay or research paper. I will direct her on the proper use of citations and references. I will help him decipher the poetry or prose assignment and develop a profound response to it.

If your student is facing a nerve-racking presentation or public speaking assignment, I will coach him on everything from what to do with his body and hands to the organization and delivery of the speech (and give him a few tips on how to calm his nerves and entertain his audience). Years of speech and debate classes and public speaking have honed my skills and enjoyment of presentations.

I also have a strong foundational knowledge of mathematics. Although I will never be a mathematician, I can still help your student navigate those tricky equations and formulas and offer a fun approach to an otherwise mundane or frustrating subject.

Science is an exciting field to learn and explore. The evidence of science is all around us, making it easy to find examples that demonstrate and clarify the theory or subject matter for your student, and find ways to apply the information to our world today.

Lastly, the study of humanity and societies is a particular favorite of mine. Psychology, sociology, political science, government, history; I will help your student see how they are all connected and understand how each piece affects the others, and us.

As I work with your student, I will create an environment where learning is fun, where no question is unwelcome or stupid, and where your student's brain can stretch and expand into any avenue of interest. The tutoring services I offer will help your student access, understand, and apply information, developing not only a well-rounded education, but also a person who is actively thinking, making connections, and increasing awareness of herself and the world. Your student will find that with the increase of knowledge comes more success and more freedom to choose his life path. Knowledge is power.

Jennifer's Expertise

Business: Public Speaking
Computers: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
English: Technical Writing , Writing/Essay, Reading, MLA Format, Literature, Grammar, APA Format
History: European History, U.S. Government, US History, World History
Languages: English (US)
Math: Algebra, PreAlgebra, Geometry
Music: Flute, Organ, Piano, Voice, Woodwind
Science: Sociology, Psychosocial, Psychology, Physical Science, Philosophy, Health Sciences, Genetics, General Science, Food/Nutrition, Environmental Studies, Earth and Life Science, Biology, Anatomy, Geography
Special Needs: Home School Tutoring, Student Helper, Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Homebound/Hospital Tutoring, ADHD, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Accommodations
Standardized Tests: ACT English, SAT Writing, SAT Science, SAT Math, SAT Language, SAT History, ACT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT Math, ACT Science
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Project Management, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Test Taking, Time Management

Jennifer's Education & Certifications

I have an Associate of Arts degree in Sociology from Northwest College in Powell, WY. I am also certified in medical office support. Throughout high school and college, I always maintained a high GPA and scored highly on the SATs in English, math, and science.
I have previously worked as a first grade teacher's aide, specializing in math and reading.
I have also served as a member of AmeriCorps, working with children through Boys & Girls Club of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
I currently work with adults and children with intellectual disabilities, helping them improve their education and ability to live independently and find competitive employment.

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