Carrie C.

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Carrie's Bio & Tutoring Experience

I hold a bachelors in business administration management, I've taken courses in ethics, communication, algebra, management practices, english, advertising, marketing and a strong focus on professional development.

Carrie's Expertise

Business: Ethics, Communications, Public Speaking, Human Resources, Marketing
Computers: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Quickbooks
English: Literature, Writing/Essay, Technical Writing , Reading, MLA Format, Grammar, Creative Writing, APA Format
History: U.S. Government, US History, World History
Languages: English (US)
Math: Algebra, Arithmetic
Programming: Android OS, iOS
Science: Anatomy, Zoology, Neurobiology, Medicinal Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Food/Nutrition, Ecology, Cosmology, Botany, Biology, General Science
Special Needs: Learning Disabilities, Hearing Impaired, ADHD, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Project Management, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Test Taking, Time Management

Carrie's Education & Certifications

Beginning my masters degree in summer 2015

Carrie's References

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Carrie's Availability

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Sunday 02/05/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Monday 02/06/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Tuesday 02/07/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Wednesday 02/08/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Thursday 02/09/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Friday 02/10/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM 
Saturday 02/11/2023 9:00AM - 1:30PM