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Phillip's Bio & Tutoring Experience

In the world of finding a tutor, I find that its more about the teacher and their application to the subject at hand, as well as the methods of teaching that make the most of the student. Often times I find that the need for other teaching isn't because of the subject matter specifically, but often because of the way that the information is presented to the student. My experiences with teaching allow me to use many different teaching methods and different presentations of the information in order to see what the student will latch onto. I have 2+ years of teaching experience at Murray's Martial Arts Centers in Rochester, NY with children ages 6+ as well as experience teaching teens and young adults. This has given me the chance to work with students of different experience levels with different learning styles in large groups and in groups of 2 or 3. I have experience tutoring at a high school level and have tutored Algrebra 2/ Trig, Level 1 and 2 Geometry, Levels 1, 2, AP-B and AP-C (Kinematic) physics as well as regents Chemistry, and Regents Biology. Since these are the major subjects I tutor and study in, it has given me more experience learning and teaching the information in those fields, as well as expanding my own scientific mind as well. I also have experience teaching and tutoring lower level cello players, preferably those who have picked up a string instrument before and would like to work extra time to start on another.

Phillip's Teaching Levels

elementary, middle, high

Phillip's Subjects




Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, PreAlgebra, Geometry, Discrete Math, Calculus 2 (Integral), Calculus 1 (Differential), Arithmetic, AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, Differential Equations


General Science, Physics 3 (Gas Law), Physics 2 (Electricity/Magnetism), Physics 1 (Newtonian Mechanics), Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Biology, Astronomy

Standardized Tests:

SAT Math

Study Skills:

Homework Coach, Self Study, Test Taking

Phillip's Education & Certifications

I graduated West Irondequoit High School in 2013 with high Honors and a 93 (on a 100 scale) GPA. In my high school career I took and passed: AP European History (5) AP English (lit. and Lang.) (3,4) AP Physics B (5) AP American History (4) AP Physics C (Kinematics, Elec. and Magnetism) (5,4) AP Calculus BC (5, AB subscore: 5) AP Economics (both Macro and Micro) (4,3) Advanced Orchestra Senior year of high school. I'm also currently an undergraduate at Alfred University, currently majoring in astrophysics, but looking to expand to quantum mechanics and possibly a mathematics minor. By credits I am a Junior in College (63 credits plus) with 2 semesters in college and a GPA above a 3.2 continually. I have played the cello in the Irondequoit school district since grade 4, and will still be playing next semester at a college level in the Alfred University Symphonic Orchestra. While teaching karate at Murray's Martial Arts Centers, I also attended black belt level classes and began my work in the martial arts at the age of 9. I advanced to Black belt at age 16, and began teaching karate at 17.

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