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Norman's Bio & Tutoring Experience

I have experience teaching a dyslexic high school student with special needs. He received an honors award shortly after working with me. We would spend hours going through material if it was necessary. He was a total sweetheart and we worked together to make sure he was making the most out of his time. Frequent breaks were essential to his progress due to his short attention span and lack of interest in subject matter. I find that keeping the student happy is the best course of action because it is at that point that begin to enjoy the learning process.

Norman's Expertise

English: MLA Format, Grammar, Writing/Essay, Reading
History: U.S. Government, US History, World History
Languages: English (US), German
Math: PreAlgebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Math Word Problems, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, Advance Calculator
Science: Sociology, Psychology, Physical Science, Philosophy, Organic Chemistry, Nursing, Microbiology, Health Sciences, General Science, Food/Nutrition, Environmental Studies, Earth and Life Science, Dietetics, Cosmology, Cellular Biology, Biology, Anatomy, Genetics
Special Needs: Dyslexia, Student Helper, Reader, Note Taker, Learning Disabilities, Home School Tutoring, ADHD, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Accommodations
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Test Taking, Time Management

Norman's Education & Certifications

9 certifications in personal training, am qualified to teach and certify wannabe personal trainers. An Associate's degree in Exercise Science: Advanced Personal Training. Am currently studying at the University of Cincinnati to become a registered dietitian (with above a 3.5 GPA approaching my junior year of a 4 year program).

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