Dr. Roxann A.

$30 Hourly

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OXNARD, CA 93036
  • Available in person only
  • Willing to travel 50 miles

Dr. Roxann's Bio & Tutoring Experience

I had a Family Daycare Facility for 10 years that included "Homework Hour". I helped and average of 10 children with their homework everyday for 10 years. I believe it is very important that students become proficient in their subjects and not just barely pass.

I currently am taking my career as a business consultant in a new direction as a Motivational Speaker, Seminar Leader and Sales Trainer -- all of my business career after my daycare business has involved teaching, but adults. I want to helping your child be the best they can be, keeping again, with in my area of expertise.

I will use the first hour to get to know your child and create a detailed plan for success based on their specific needs. We will "Plan our work and work our Plan!" I believe in making adjustments along the way and sooner rather than later if we see our current plan is not helping your child to attain the success we sought. I say "we" because I believe you the parent need to be part of your child's success plan.

I am happy to give you a free 15 minute phone or in person consultation before hiring me. If my posted pricing falls outside your budget please call me to discuss.

Dr. Roxann's Expertise

Business: Business Strategy, Business Plans, Sales, Public Speaking, Operations Management, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Communications
English: Creative Writing, Grammar, Reading, Writing/Essay
Languages: English (US)
Math: Arithmetic
Special Needs: Special Education, Reader, Homebound/Hospital Tutoring, ADHD, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Home School Tutoring
Standardized Tests: Proficiency Test, GED Writing, GED Social Studies, GED Science, GED Mathematics, GED Reading, Driver Exam (Written only by state)
Study Skills: Homework Coach, Organization, Project Management, Self Study, Study Skills, Study Tactics, Test Taking, Time Management

Dr. Roxann's Education & Certifications

Juris Doctor degree - law degree.
Bachelors in Law
Associates Degree in Liberal Arts
High School Diploma

Dr. Roxann's References

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Dr. Roxann's Availability

Day Date Time
Sunday 09/24/2023 10:00AM - 9:00PM 
Monday 09/25/2023 3:00PM - 9:00PM 
Tuesday 09/26/2023 3:00PM - 9:00PM 
Wednesday 09/27/2023 3:00PM - 9:00PM 
Thursday 09/28/2023 3:00PM - 9:00PM 
Friday 09/29/2023 3:00PM - 9:00PM 
Saturday 09/30/2023 10:00AM - 9:00PM